Los 3 consejos mensuales de Ana Lombard - Agosto

Ana Lombard's 3 monthly tips - August

1. Take care of yourself every night , take 10 minutes for your well-being.
Think that 'A small change / habit improves everything' Preparing your break 10 minutes before going to sleep :
  • Stretch your body gently before sleeping
  • Smell the aromas of Mi Serum Harmonie to ease your mind, let lavender and rose give you a sweet night


2. Surround yourself with smiling , positive people and act with a #PositiveAttitude
Allow yourself to choose the people who enter your life to achieve more happiness and success. Surround yourself with positive, smiling people with emotional intelligence equal to yours. Cultivate a strong mentality , believe in your potential and be more grateful to life.


3. Write what you feel in a nice notebook to free yourself from your emotional chaos.

Choose a notebook that you like . Take time to go buy it. In it, you will keep your emotional intimacy and you will learn to untangle that inner chaos that sometimes paralyzes you and takes your breath away.

write go Your experiences help you find the right solutions , guide decisions and eliminate harmful thoughts . and to be comfortable with oneself

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