improve performance and well-being within companies

Continuing with my main philosophy of improving people's performance, I have developed a series of trainings, workshops and conferences to improve the performance of teams within a company.

Ana Lombard in a business growth training.

take advantage of your teams

All companies are made up of teams and for a company to function properly you have to make the most of the performance of these teams.

Over the years I have been perfecting my training, workshops and conferences to teach company leaders how to get the most out of their teams and how these teams must understand the hierarchy of the company.

All this is worked on with 9 key topics to improve the performance of teams within a company divided into 3 modules that you will find below.

3 modules to grow as a company

The 9 workshops are divided into 3 modules, with 3 workshops in each one dealing with different topics. I recommend doing the 3 modules for a complete experience to learn all the techniques and routines to get the most out of a company's teams.

stress buster challenge

In this first module we are going to deal with the following workshops: positive stress, leadership and hierarchy in the company and creating powerful perspectives.

Assertiveness League

In the second business growth module, we will work with the following workshops. They are giraffe vs. jackal communication, in making assertive meetings and knowing the 3 pillars for success.

Zen in the office

In the third module, Zen in the Office, we will deal with workshops such as: stressors, emotions and their antidotes and finally having healthy routines to improve performance.

“Companies are made up of teams and these teams are made up of people. For a company to be successful, it needs teams that are involved, motivated and well trained. ”

– anna lombard

my 9 workshops

These eleven workshops are carried out in 3 categories. Trainings, Workshops and Conferences.

my 9 workshops

These eleven workshops are carried out in 3 categories. Trainings, Workshops and Conferences.

My 9 workshops for business growth

To promote a better performance of the workers within a company, I have created a series of training sessions divided into three workshops. Discover how to improve the day to day of your company with more productive work methods.

Stress Buster Challenge

stress buster challenge

positive stress

Fight negative stress with our relaxation techniques to transform it into positive stress.

stress buster challenge

leadership and hierarchy

Understand and respect the hierarchy of the company and the teams to achieve positive results.

stress buster challenge

powerful perspectives

In a problem there is always a solution, finding the right perspective to face the problem is basic.

assertiveness league

assertiveness league

jackal communication vs. giraffe

Knowing how to communicate assertively, no matter how complicated it is.

assertiveness league

effective meetings

Improve meeting time and make them effective. Also how to prepare them and carry out the subsequent work.

assertiveness league

3 qualities for success

Learn to achieve your goals and challenges with the 3 pillars. Self-reflection, Self-management and Autonomy.

zen in the office

zen in the office


Identify how to overcome stressful factors and sources to achieve well-being.

zen in the office

emotions and their antidotes

Understand and take advantage of the unpleasant emotions that plague your day to day.

zen in the office

healthy routines

To continue in good harmony, healthy routines must be incorporated to be able to draw out and take advantage of positive energy.

With the help you can improve performance in your company.

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