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Turn stress into your best ally with Ana Lombard's book. With this book the idea is that the mind helps to heal the body, and a well regenerated body allows us to develop our abilities and values.

“For me, freedom is a fundamental value. My desire is to ensure that all people learn to manage themselves to enjoy their freedom "

– anna lombard

turn stress into your best ally

positive stress, improve your day to day

Ana Lombard, renowned therapist specializing in the management of work and personal stress , presents the method that has made her a reference in physical, emotional and spiritual well-being : #POSITIVEStress

learn to take advantage of stress

how to manage stress in 21 days

A book that serves as a manual and workbook to grow, nourish yourself spiritually and turn stress into a positive force, all this is possible in 21 days.

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The book can be purchased in physical or digital form for Kindle. The objective of Ana Lombard's book is to learn how to turn stress into your best ally in 21 days.

In 1997, Ana Lombard had a serious accident and was hospitalized for 9 months. It is his experience, of regaining strength and the will to live, that he describes in the book.

The author shares and transmits her seven fundamental teachings , which she has used for herself and for all those people in situations of acute stress who come to her natural therapies.