Zen in the office

My training, workshops or conferences for companies are based on my philosophy of positive stress as well as being interactive and fun training to get the most out of the team from the first contact.

Courses by Ana Lombard, therapist specializing in Positive Stress.

training for teams

With years of experience I have been perfecting training for teams within a company.

For me, a company is making a group of people work together, for this you have to have fluid and assertive communication between this group and follow a business hierarchy.

There are three types of learning for business growth that I carry out with companies. The trainings that can last between 2 hours and 4 hours, the workshops that can last a whole day and the conferences that are a maximum of 1 hour.

Zen workshops in the office

To improve the performance of the teams in a company we follow a clear and proven scheme over the years. Through 3 types of business growth we guide each person within the company through self-reflection, self-management and autonomy.

zen in the office

zen in the office


Identify how to overcome stressful factors and sources to achieve well-being.

zen in the office

emotions and their antidotes

Understand and take advantage of the unpleasant emotions that plague your day to day.

zen in the office

healthy routines

To continue in good harmony, healthy routines must be incorporated to be able to draw out and take advantage of positive energy.

More workshops for companies

In addition to Zen in the Office, we have two more workshops that we recommend doing together for more learning.

Anti-Stress Challenge

Anti-Stress Challenge

positive stress

Fight negative stress with our relaxation techniques to transform it into positive stress.

Anti-Stress Challenge

leadership and hierarchy

Understand and respect the hierarchy of the company and the teams to achieve positive results.

Anti-Stress Challenge

powerful perspectives

In a problem there is always a solution, finding the right perspective to face the problem is basic.

assertiveness league

assertiveness league

jackal communication vs. giraffe

Knowing how to communicate assertively, no matter how complicated it is.

assertiveness league

effective meetings

Improve meeting time and make them effective. Also how to prepare them and carry out the subsequent work.

assertiveness league

3 qualities for success

Learn to achieve your goals and challenges with the 3 pillars. Self-reflection, Self-management and Autonomy.

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