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Los 3 consejos mensuales de Ana Lombard - Septiembre

Ana Lombard's 3 monthly tips - September

Here are my tips for the month of September to have a better day to day and reduce stress:

1. Empathize with people, accept them as they are.

We are different and therefore complementary. We all have limitations, weaknesses and strengths. Train your empathy daily, listen without judging or prejudice, be compassionate with the weaknesses of others and with your own.

2. Learn to say NO, when you have to, but assertively.

Learn to express your desires in a kind, frank, open, direct and adequate way, managing to say what you want/desire, without harming others.

3. Accept and understand all your emotions, both the pleasant ones and the most difficult to live with.

There are no negative emotions. Emotions are our internal GPS and our human treasure.
If you experience unpleasant situations, seek calm and take deep breaths. Visualize yourself in a place of peace and look for solutions from objectivity.

I hope they help you face this month of September, a month in which the vast majority return to their routine after the summer. Back to work, back to school, etc. These tips will help you during this return to normality, which for many brings an extra load of stress, especially the first few days.

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