my harmony eye contour

Awaken your look with the Mi Harmony Eye Contour created with 100% natural and vegan essential oils. Improves bags and dark circles thanks to the easy Roll-on application.

awakening eye contour benefits

Following the composition that I created for the Mi Harmony Facial Serum , I have now created the eye contour, with the same benefits for skin, body and spirit.

The synergy between the essential oils of rose, lavender and immortelle plus the vegetable oils of jojoba, macadamia, camellia and apricot take care of your skin, improving bags and dark circles in addition to leaving skin radiant, soft and managing your emotions positively.

100% natural eye contour

Thanks to the 100% natural and vegan essential and vegetable oils, the "El Despertar" Eye Contour has benefits on your body, consciousness and spirit.

With the synergy of all these oils, we can highlight that this Eye Contour benefits your skin by healing, illuminating, revitalizing and activating microcirculation and in emotions it improves your well-being by calming anxiety, anguish and stress.

“Apply your eye contour with the roll on the eyelids and bags. The natural, vegan, organic ingredients, of sustainable origin and not tested on animals, will take care of your bags and dark circles in addition to leaving your skin radiant. The combination with the serum is perfect for your face.”

– anna lombard