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El Nervio Vago y su Papel en la Depresión

The vagus nerve, a hidden key in the fight against depression: A discovery from the Pasteur Institute.


The vagus nerve, the body's highway

Imagine a highway that runs through your body, connecting different organs as if they were cities. Each "exit" of this highway is a vital organ. The vagus nerve is exactly that: a major highway of the nervous system, linking the brain to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, liver and intestine. Just as a highway facilitates flow and communication between cities, the vagus nerve is essential in sending signals between the brain and these organs, influencing our mental and physical health.


A new approach to mental health

Beyond chemical imbalance: The role of

gut microbiota

In June 2023, the Pasteur Institute revealed that depression could be related not only to brain chemistry, but also to the intestinal microbiota and its communication with the brain through the vagus nerve.

The Intriguing Link: Gut Microbiota and Depression - An Eye-opening Discovery from the Pasteur Institute in June 2023

The Vagus Nerve: The Bridge Between Body and Mind

This nerve acts as a vital messenger, carrying information between the brain and internal organs, which directly affects our emotions and well-being.


The pioneering research of June 2023

The revealing experiment with mice

The research showed that altering the gut microbiota in mice affected their emotional state, a process mediated by the vagus nerve.


Implications for the treatment of resistant depression

These findings open possibilities for treating depression in innovative ways, targeting the vagus nerve as a key therapeutic target.

Gut Microbiota and Emotional Well-being: Exploring New Avenues for Innovative Treatment of Depression

Alternative strategies for mental well-being


Meditation and conscious breathing: Keys to internal balance


Meditation and conscious breathing, concepts usually associated with spiritual retreats, are scientifically validated tools that have a positive effect on the vagus nerve. This primary connection between mind and body is strengthened with the regular practice of meditation , which allows us to refine our attention and calm the mind. Conscious breathing , for its part, acts directly on the vagus nerve, helping to moderate the stress response and promoting a feeling of tranquility. By cultivating these practices, significant improvement in mental health can be achieved, providing an effective strategy to combat anxiety and depression, as well as strengthen emotional resilience.


A step towards the future of mental health


Applying the findings in everyday life

Integrating techniques such as meditation and massage into our daily lives can strengthen the functioning of the vagus nerve, benefiting our mental health.

Meditation and Conscious Breathing: Keys to Internal Balance through the Vagus Nerve

The Ana Lombard Academy: A resource for

personal transformation

In our online Academy by Ana Lombard we offer resources to take advantage of these methods and improve mental and emotional health through free guided meditations.


Take the wheel of your well-being and accelerate on your inner highway with the online Academy by Ana Lombard . Free guided meditations, with which you will become an expert driver of the vagus nerve pathway, dodging the traffic of stress and racing towards serenity and mental health.


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