Felicidad y Bienestar: Descifrando el Papel del Cerebro en la Búsqueda de la Alegría

The Striatum: Your perfect ally for a Movie Wellness with Ana Lombard

How to balance the impulsivity of the moment with the wisdom of choosing and dosing our actions to achieve long-term happiness?


Mental Adventure Ahead! The Striatum: Your VIP Guide on the Roller Coaster of Pleasure.

Did you know that in the center of your brain there is a showbiz star working behind the scenes? There, in an area called the basal ganglia, is the striatum, an enthusiastic operator that makes sure you sign up for the best adventures. This little guy is the master of ceremonies at your neurons' party, making sure you find and repeat what makes you feel good. From encouraging you to make healthy choices to encouraging you to indulge in your favorite hobbies, this brain strategist is there calling the shots. or

Mood Boosters: Giving Spark to Your Routine.

Like that morning coffee that cannot be missed, there are activities that recharge our batteries and make us see the world with pink sunglasses. In fact, studies from 2023 indicate that an impressive 75% of people have increased their participation in activities that stimulate the brain's reward centers , reporting higher levels of satisfaction and well-being.

Striatum: Key to Brain Function


Designing Tomorrow: Connect the Dots to an Extraordinary Life

Who doesn't want a life full of extraordinary moments? Your secret whisperer, the striatum, is always present, gently guiding you toward the choices that will earn you points in the league of well-being. Additionally, recent data indicates that those who have faced and overcome significant challenges saw a 40% increase in their sense of personal achievement, demonstrating that each new experience and victory enriches our lives and expands our list of abilities.

The Striatum as a guide to a life of achievement and well-being

The Striatum, the Orchestra Director of Short and Long Term Wellbeing

Before launching into action, consider how the inner teacher, the striatum, not only conducts the great concert of life in the here and now, but also composes the symphony of your future well-being. Learning to choose and measure our actions can make us virtuoso of happiness. This means controlling the impulsivity that pushes us toward instant gratification and, at the same time, cultivating the spontaneity that leads us to enjoy life. Balancing these two aspects is key to a balanced melody that resonates with joy and satisfaction in the short, medium and long term. So, how do you tune your instrument to play the music of your life?


Mastering Impulsivity: Techniques for Self-Care and Mindfulness

For those moments when impulsivity threatens to take the wheel, here are 3 simple techniques that can help you regain control:


  1. Sip of Calm: Before giving in to an impulse, sip a glass of water very slowly, savoring every drop.
  2.  The Apple of Reflection: Choose a firm fruit and chew it mindfully, concentrating on every sensation and sound.
  3.  Breathe Tranquility: Spend a minute consciously breathing , inhaling and exhaling slowly.


Striatum long-term well-being

The Link Between Self-Esteem and Stress

  • Stress is often a reflection of our self-esteem . If the latter is damaged, either due to internal criticism or due to the effect of toxic people in our environment, stress can appear as a secondary symptom. Strengthening self-esteem is strengthening our resilience to stress.


Laugh and Decide!

Choose like a wise little bird, laugh at your impulses and direct your well-being towards the applause of a great day.

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