Impacto de los Plásticos en la Salud Digestiva: Riesgos y Prevención

Protect your digestion and grow a happy striatum with a microplastic-free lifestyle

Is your brain asking for more sugar?

It's time to re-educate him!

The striatum in your brain is like a child trick-or-treating : Sometimes, it doesn't know what is best for it. As we mentioned in our previous article, this little guy gets excited about instant satisfaction. But did you know that by choosing what you eat, you can make your striatum learn to love what is good for you?


A Yale study showed that foods loaded with calories and refined sugars can ignite the desire for more sweets in your brain by up to 70%.

The solution? Introduce more natural foods to your diet. By doing so, you will not only feel good in the moment , but you will also be taking care of your health in the long term.


Is microwaving food changing more than its temperature?

Heating food in plastic containers in the microwave is more than a game of convenience. It can release microplastics that end up on your plate. And here we're not just talking about your stomach: We're talking about your metabolism, your hormones and even your fertility.


Did you know that you ingest the equivalent of a credit card's worth of microplastics each year? Think about that the next time you put that plastic container in the microwave. Do you know its consequences ? Discover it here.

Microplastics on your Plate: The Unknown Dangers of Heating Food in Plastic Containers

Did you know that the little ones in the house are at greater risk?

The studies are clear: Our little ones could be ingesting up to 10 times more microplastics than us. Their bodies are smaller and developing, so what is a small amount for you is much more for them.

Microplastics in the Diet: Invisible Health Risks and the Alarming Amount We Eat Daily

Plastic containers and bottles may be releasing millions of these invisible particles into your food . It's time to ask ourselves:

What future are we building for them?


Microplastics in Children's Diet: The Invisible Danger of Plastic Packaging

3 Solutions for a healthier life and a cleaner planet

1.Choose natural:

Why not swap the fries for a crispy apple? Whole foods are not only delicious, but they also fuel your brain and body in the best way .

2.Be a tag detective:

Reading labels can be more interesting than a mystery novel. Choose products with ingredients you can pronounce and that your grandmother would recognize as food.

3. Choose planet-friendly packaging:

Your food deserves the best : Store it in glass or stainless steel. Not only is it better for your health, but it also helps reduce the accumulation of plastics on the planet.


And remember, opting for organic foods could reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals by a whopping 90%. 

Plastic Free: The Organic Choice to Nourish your Body without Pollutants

Are you ready for change in this year 2024?

Your brain and body will thank you, as will our planet.

Shall we start today? Share your ideas and commitments in the comments and join the community that chooses to live free of microplastics.

What did you think of this article? I would love to hear your opinion, so please leave your comments below and let's enrich this conversation together.


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