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3 claves para reforzar tu autoestima este verano

3 keys to strengthen your self-esteem this summer

Loving yourself implies knowing yourself, understanding yourself, accepting yourself, forgiving yourself... However, everything that is related to emotions towards yourself is something that can become complicated because, along the way, objectivity is lost. Obtaining self-esteem is a process, you have to work on it day by day and it is essential to be aware of yourself to know your own strengths and weaknesses, listening to yourself in a friendly way and without labeling yourself. That is why I want to share with you the 3 keys to strengthen your self-esteem this summer.

The first step, get to know yourself.

To love yourself, the first step is to know yourself; and that inevitably happens by recognizing and accepting that, within you, there are both lights and shadows, that sometimes thoughts torment you and that emotions often invade you.

Ask yourself:

  • What are the emotions that invade me?
  • Why do they appear?
  • What do they have to teach me?
  • How do I manage these emotions?

It is not necessary to control these emotions but rather to talk with them

Emotions are your brain's thermostat indicator. There are no negative emotions, each one has its own role and its own usefulness; Emotional intelligence consists of understanding that you do not have to control these emotions but rather talk to them.

For this, it is necessary to learn to be less impulsive and more reflective and, in addition, it is necessary to:

  • Get to know each other, understand each other and accept that one is not a robot.
  • Not be emotionally illiterate (enrich the vocabulary to be able to communicate our emotions correctly).
  • Dare, in a friendly way, to say what is thought, what is needed and, above all, what has generated that unpleasant emotion or sub-emotion. In this way, we will grow in self-esteem, we will look at ourselves with a different look and we will be able to love ourselves and look at others with a non-judgmental look in order to love with more acceptance, indulgence and kindness.

I hope this article on 3 keys to strengthen your self-esteem this summer help you feel better about yourself.

*this article is an excerpt from chapter 3 Open your heart and love yourself from my book #POSITIVESTRESS

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