Gestionar el estrés durante tus vacaciones

Manage stress during your vacation

We already know that vacations are for relaxing, not thinking about work, chores, obligations... But inadvertently, it may be that stress invades us and affects us in a negative way. I invite you to read the following article on how to manage stress during your vacation.

Stress…. What feelings do you have when you see this word? Anguish, discomfort, pressure... surely none or almost none is positive. Well, although stress tends to be associated with something negative, this is not always the case, if you know how to manage it.

Seen in another way, stress is nothing more than a natural physiological response of the human being, a survival reflex in the face of new situations to be able to be alert and adapt.

Thus, stress is an essential response of our body and, when it works in this way, stress is positive. It is when we do not know how to manage it that stress becomes a problem.

Dare to face your stress , understand it and manage it.

As I have already explained in previous articles, stress has 3 phases: the alarm phase, the resistance phase for action and the exhaustion phase or Burn out . To correctly manage stress, first of all, recognize it, understand it and thus be able to act.

That's why, next, I want to share the keys to identify and relieve stress. You can take advantage of these holidays to introduce this new technique and apply it at times that may be stressful for you.

Keys to understanding stress .

  1. Identify stressful factors and those that produce well-being.
  2. Make a list to notice the stressors and avoid the accumulation in your day.
  3. Dose and distribute tasks or projects , in a balanced way to achieve harmony between stressful and pleasant situations or projects.

So , I invite you to try this technique to better understand your stress and if you want you can share your experience by leaving a comment.

I hope this article to know how to manage stress during your holidays , it has been useful to you.

I send you a tender hug.

This article is an excerpt from chapter 1 Stress, the silent disease from my book #POSITIVESTRESS

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