El Día de la Mujer: La fuerza y la resistencia de las mujeres: una celebración

Women's Day: A daily celebration of perseverance and resilience

Every March 8, the world stops for a moment to celebrate International Women's Day.

This date has become a powerful symbol of the achievements and struggles of women throughout history. However, beyond the specific celebrations and recognitions, it is essential to remember that the true spirit of Women's Day resonates in our daily lives.

March 8 International Women's Day

Breaking the traditional narrative

Traditional narrative has taught us to see women in a secondary role, almost as an extension of men, taking the ancient biblical metaphor of women as man's ribs. However, this image contrasts strongly with the reality of women as providers of life or, as we often say, "she who gives light." This expression captures the magical and powerful essence of femininity: The ability to create, nurture and transform.

Female resilience throughout history 

Throughout history, women have faced countless challenges, from ignorance to open discrimination in various cultures where women are expected to live according to men. Despite these obstacles, women have shown extraordinary resilience; Balancing roles, managing multiple tasks, and overcoming frustrations with unwavering grace.

Feminism and the search for equality

The debate about feminism often brings up the question of whether it is necessary to "defend" women's place in society. For many of us, equality is not something to be defended, but rather an innate right. However, reality shows us that there is still a long way to go to achieve true gender equality.

Women holding arms.

Everyday life and gender expectations

Everyday life offers us clear examples of deep-rooted gender expectations, such as the anecdote of the couple returning home after work: While the man seeks to relax, the woman, almost instinctively, organizes herself to take care of the home and family. This dynamic highlights women's ability to manage multiple responsibilities, often without deserved recognition.

Celebrating the essence of being a woman

It is crucial to understand that recognizing and valuing the contributions of women is not only a question of justice, but also of respect and appreciation for the diversity and complementarity of roles in our society. Differences between genders should not be seen as a hierarchy, but rather as a rich variety of perspectives and skills that enrich our world.

Women having fun while running.

Therefore, today I want to pay tribute to all women, celebrating not only what we are capable of doing, but also what we are: beings of immense adaptability, courage and love.

A daily commitment beyond March 8

Being a woman is a precious gift, a source of strength and hope that deserves to be recognized and celebrated every day.

So as we commemorate International Women's Day, let us remember that every day is an opportunity to appreciate, support and empower the women in our lives. May this day be a reminder of our continued commitment to the equality, respect and love that all women deserve.

Friends hugging.

For all women... my admiration 😊

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