Amor Propio en San Valentín: Cómo Autoquererse para Relaciones Más Fuertes

Love yourself more, to love better: Reinventing your Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day evokes images of Cupid and his arrows, symbols of romantic love. This year we invite you to explore a different love, one that begins with yourself: "Love yourself more, to love better." It's about being your own Cupid, aiming for your heart first.

The “existential self” in self-love

"Loving yourself more, to love better" is not an act of selfishness, but rather a recognition of the "existential self" over the "egocentric self." It is understanding that self-love is essential to sharing healthy and genuine love with others. Like a gardener tending his garden, taking care of ourselves allows every aspect of our being to flourish.

Loving yourself is the key to giving others healthy and lasting love.

Redefining the celebration of love

This Valentine's Day, we embrace the idea of ​​"Love yourself more, to love better." It is about celebrating a more introspective and genuine love that prepares us to love others in a more complete and meaningful way.

The impact of self-care on relationships

By nurturing our self-love, we cultivate deeper, more authentic relationships. This approach not only benefits us individually, but also enriches our interactions with others, allowing us to share a more conscious and fulfilling love.

Healthy quality love thanks to self-esteem

It is with this spirit of holistic well-being that the 'My Harmony' natural cosmetics line offers beauty essentials that sync with your quest for self-love, products designed to treasure your individuality and celebrate every step of your inner journey.

Happy Valentine's Day, a day to honor love in all its forms, starting with the love you have for yourself.

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