3 Tips y consejos para gestionar el miedo al cambio

3 Tips and advice to manage the fear of change

All human beings need to manage the fear of change: In common language, "change" is a word full of negative connotations. For example, we say of an unreliable person that "he easily changes his jacket."

Both in their language and in their mind, human beings are afraid of change because it represents instability and leaving their comfort zone. Thus, many people prefer to stay in a situation they don't like rather than risk changing it and looking for something better.

That explains the saying:

"It is better bad known than good to know"

But if you dare to get out of your comfort zone, you will reach your learning zone where you will discover a multitude of opportunities and positive things:

  • self knowledge
  • Personal development
  • Achieving your goals and #dreams
  • Growth

Here are 3 #Tips and #advice to manage the fear of change, which I give in my book #POSITIVEstress:

Tips advice to manage the fear of change Drink a glass of water very slowly, mentally telling yourself "I allow myself to evolve, I calm down and distance myself from that emotion/situation".

When we are afraid, we do things in a hurry to try to forget it. Imagine that fear is a glass of water, drink it little by little to calm the brain.

Tips tips task 2 Treat yourself to a break. Change places or go for a walk, listen to music, water a plant, look at the sky, draw...

Tips advice task 4 Breathe more slowly: Inhale through your nose for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 2 seconds and exhale through your mouth for 4/5 seconds. When feeling #anxiety or #fear, we have a tendency to #breathe quickly and in a choppy way, which further increases our stress.


Corner of tools to manage the fear of change 🔎

If you need any guided meditation to manage your fears, contact me so that I can advise you which one will be best for you, you must enter the "Self-esteem" series:

→ “Learning to overcome obstacles”,

→ “Banishing unpleasant emotions”

The Book 📔 Also remember that in my book #POSITIVEstress you will find more tips on how to manage your fears, emotions and #stress!

And you, how do you manage your fear?

Share your Tips / Advice in comments, maybe you could help someone!

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