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The art of positive and affective communication: 7 Key Tips by Ana Lombard

The other day in consultation, the reality of a young man overwhelmed by his addiction to social networks hit me squarely. “Imagine,” I said, “that you have only two months to live. Would you remain immersed in that virtual world or would you seek the warmth of a face-to-face conversation?”

His response was a silence filled with unspoken truths. "My problem," he finally confessed, "is that I no longer know how to do it without a screen."

This encounter inspired me to write this article, not only as a guide but as an invitation to rediscover the authenticity of human connection, that treasure we all long for, often without knowing it.

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Tip 1: Disconnect to reconnect

We start with the basics: Put away the technology. Dedicate moments of the day to being completely present, without the mediation of a screen. Something as simple as silencing notifications during meals can open a space for that genuine communication that we so often miss.


Tip 2: The look says it all

The magic is in the eyes. In the consultation, I encourage my patients to hold their gaze, to really see the person in front of them. Try it: The next time you talk to someone, look beyond the words and look for the feeling in their eyes.

Tip 3: Learn the language of gestures

Words are only part of how we express ourselves. Observe the gestures, the postures, the non-verbal signs that provide us with a much richer emotional context. A nod, a genuine smile or a hug can communicate more than a thousand words.

Tip 4: Listen with your heart

Listening is an art. Not just hear, but understand. When someone speaks to you, listen with the intention of feeling what they are sharing. This not only deepens the conversation, but also creates a bond of trust and closeness . 

Tip 5: Words that heal

Choose your words with the purpose of healing and connection. Instead of talking for the sake of talking, think about how your words can affect the other person. Do they build bridges or put up walls?

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Tip 6: Validate emotions

We all like to feel understood. When you are in a conversation, validate what the other person feels. It is not necessary to agree on everything, but you do need to recognize the legitimacy of your emotions.

Tip 7: Acts of loving service

Finally, remember that small acts of service are a powerful form of communication. Making a cup of coffee, offering help without being asked, a “good morning” message... These are ways of saying "I value you", "I appreciate you", "I'm here for you".

Each of these tips is a step towards re-humanizing our daily lives.

They are invitations to break the routine of digital detachment and embark on a journey towards emotional connection.

I ask you: Isn't this what we crave when we strip away distractions and look deep into our being? Isn't this what we will remember and treasure when we look back on our lives?

I invite you to take these tips with you, not as mere recommendations, but as the beginning of a transformation towards warmth and authenticity in every interaction.

Because, at the end of the day, what we carry in our hearts are the connections that we have strengthened, the conversations that have touched our souls and the moments in which we have felt, really felt, the presence of the other.

Start the change today! Who will you reconnect with? It shows that sincere love overcomes everything.

We encourage you to share your impressions by leaving a comment. What has resonated with you? We are looking forward to knowing your feelings! 😊


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