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Vital Energy Body Mist Mi HARMONY

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Experience soft and supple skin with our 100% natural and vegan Body Serum. Enriched with high quality oils, it provides elasticity, firmness and antioxidants, without parabens or sulfates. Discover the secret to radiant skin!

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essential oils


Regenerates and calms.


Revitalizes and heals.

always alive

Activates circulation and reduces the signs of aging.

vegetable oils


Reduces wrinkles, prevents acne and is a great moisturizer.


Regenerates, hydrates, restores elasticity and heals.


Anti-aging, anti-dehydration properties, reduces redness and is rich in Omega, antioxidant and vitamin E.


Improves skin tone, rich in Omega 6 and 9, reduces the signs of aging and provides intense softness.

"Vital Energy" Body Spray Serum - Natural and Vegan Quick-Drying Hydration

Welcome to the future of body care: our "Vital Energy" Body Spray Serum. This innovative product is designed to give you an exceptional hydration experience that combines effectiveness with naturalness.

What makes our "Life Energy" Serum unique?

Quick and Effective Hydration:
Our body serum absorbs quickly, providing deep hydration in seconds. Its quick-drying formula allows you to get dressed immediately without leaving a sticky residue, ensuring soft, nourished skin all day long.

Natural and Vegan Ingredients:
We are proud to present a completely natural and vegan product. Free of harmful chemicals, parabens and artificial fragrances, "Vital Energy" is made up of high-quality natural ingredients. Nourish your skin with essential oils and botanical extracts that care for it safely and effectively.

Energy Revitalization:
Our serum not only hydrates; It also revitalizes. It contains ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and provide a feeling of renewed energy. Wake up every morning with fresh skin full of vitality.

Lasting Softness and Elasticity:
Do you dream of soft and silky skin? "Vital Energy" improves the texture and elasticity of the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and youthful. Experience the long-lasting softness you deserve.

Naturally Charming Scent:
The gentle natural aroma of our serum elevates your senses and relaxes your mind. Without artificial fragrances, this product offers a sensory experience that connects you with nature and helps you release the stress of the day.

At Ana Lombard, we are committed to quality, naturalness and sustainability in body care. "Vital Energy" is a testament to our dedication to providing products that respect your skin and the environment.

Add "Vital Energy" to your daily body care routine and experience fast and effective hydration like never before. Your skin deserves the best, and we give it to you with love and respect. Discover the difference with "Vital Energy" today!